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Software Engineers

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Exceptional software engineers wanted for a range of amazing projects

Would you like to...

  • stay technical as you progress or go pointy-haired? It's your choice!
  • see your amazing ideas come to life? We will help you bring them to reality
  • bend existing protocols to their limits or design a new one?
  • use your preferred tools to create an ideal engineering environment? Host Windows on Linux or the other way around, it's fine by us
  • automate the boring bits, virtualise to your heart's content and focus on the interesting stuff?

We work on a huge variety of projects from tiny embedded devices to massive high-reliability systems. Examples of things we've done (that we can talk about!) include:

Tools we use

Stuff we do

Radical new radio design

Pizzicato – the first all-digital radio transmitter

Satellite cameras saving endangered species

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