Just a few of the brilliant, original people who work here

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Meet our People

Just a few of the brilliant, original people who help to power Cambridge Consultants

Cambridge Consultants is a unique group of people drawn from many different disciplines. We employ all kinds of people. This breadth of knowledge and experience is the reason why, together, we achieve incredible things.

Our people


Design Engineer / Group Leader

Having worked at CC early in his career, Max explains why he chose to return and become a team leader.


Industrial Designer

Martin talks about what makes Cambridge Consultants' approach to industrial design so different.


Mechanical Engineer / Head of Food & Beverage systems

Edd loves working with world-class engineers and finding a commercial outlet for their innovations.


Graphic Designer

For Mark, the "unbelievable variety" of work he gets to tackle is the best thing about his job.


Human Factors Engineer

Cara explains what makes her job so interesting and why she loves the question "Where do you work?".


Business Developer

Andrew talks about the freedom he has to pursue his passion for developing business in Asia.



A data analysis expert, Trevor relishes the opportunity to choose the projects that interest him most.


Graduate Electromechanical Engineer

For Tom, Cambridge Consultants offers everything he's looking for – with one small exception…


Electronics Engineer / Technology Director

Matt has gone from Junior Engineer to Technical Director, covering a huge variety of projects on the way.


HR administrator

Maxine explains why the culture at Cambridge Consultants makes it unlike anywhere she's worked before.


Mechanical Engineer / Group Leader

Gemma talks about the thrill of working alongside clever people as a mechanical engineer and team leader.


Software Engineer

Ben enjoys working on a wide range of projects and the independance he has in his job.