At Cambridge Consultants, we help our clients design and develop ground-breaking innovative technologies.  For big-name brands and cutting-edge start-ups alike, our work regularly involves creating AI-enabled, connected systems in which digital security and privacy are essential considerations, and for which there are usually no off-the-shelf solutions.  

Securing such systems often presents some good challenges and involves modern security technologies. However, we also have certain clients who are looking to push the boundaries of what’s possible in terms of the security technologies themselves. This could include embedding emerging post-quantum crypto technology into a product, developing decentralised blockchain-based services (Web 3.0), or building privacy-enhancing technology (such as Zero Knowledge Proofs) into real world applications, and we’re looking for a capable technologist who’s excited by these kinds of challenges. 

This is a huge, fast-moving space; we don’t expect you to be an expert in all of these latest technologies, but this should be an area that fascinates you and in which you want to apply your existing skills, develop new ones, and build your experience.  If this sounds like you, then please get in touch. 


What we can offer 

This role is based within the technology group of the Defence and Security business unit, but will involve working with teams of expert engineers and designers across the company, creating new products and services for our clients. Exact details of the role will depend on your level of experience and aspirations, but you can expect: 

  • Huge variety – We work with clients across many markets including Smart Infrastructure, Autonomous Industrial Robotics, Energy, Consumer, Agritech, Defence, Aerospace, Medical and Health.  We deliver technology solutions to these markets, drawing upon technologies such as artificial intelligence, advanced sensors, quantum computing, synthetic biology and across the range of connectivity technologies. We are also growing our business in creating and applying the next generation of security technologies themselves.  Whilst the Defence and Security sector is a focus area for this role, you will have the opportunity to work across all these markets, providing security technology input that might range from advice on security architectures and technologies to apply, through to design and development of new technologies and systems to meet specific needs. 
  • Interesting challenges – Our clients choose us for our ability to tackle some of the most challenging problems where new approaches are needed.  Whether it’s enabling secure operation in high-threat environments, needing to operate at very low power or communicate securely over very limited bandwidths, or supporting the resilience of a safety-critical system, there will usually be some challenges to overcome in the design; something new to learn. 
  • The potential for growth – This is a great time to join our security team as we build on our established track record with further growth planned over the next 2-3 years.  There are also opportunities for career growth and personal development in any or all of the three dimensions: technical, project management, and commercial / business development.  You will have the opportunity to work closely with our Head of Digital Security to develop our technical capabilities and grow new opportunities for the business.  As our digital security business and capability continues to grow there may also be opportunities to lead a specialist group in the area. 
  • Responsibility – This will depend on your experience, but you will typically be taking the responsibility for developing key aspects of systems we develop, working with (or acting as) the Technical Authority on projects to ensure the solution meets the client’s needs. 


In addition to being a hands-on technical engineer, responsible for designing, developing, and implementing solutions, you will also provide consultative advice on these solutions to our clients and internal teams. You will ensure that stakeholders understand the benefits, functionalities and risks at every step.

Cambridge Consultants invests in its people and provides a supportive environment where you get to develop and pursue your professional interests alongside client-funded work. We’re also investing in internal technology and capability developments for digital security (e.g. in post-quantum security technology, AI for cyber defence, trusted execution environments, privacy-enhancing technologies, etc.), and you will be expected to be able to work on some of these. As you grow into the role, we will be looking to you to propose and lead new investments in this space too. 


What you can bring 

You will have a good technical degree in a relevant field. You will be knowledgeable and enthusiastic about a range of security topics and will have experience in developing and implementing security functionality in digital systems. Ideally, this will include experience of at least one area of security innovation, e.g. privacy enhancing technologies, blockchain technologies, trusted execution environments, new security protocols, etc.  In this, you will have demonstrated the ability to tread new ground, not simply following an existing design.  

You will have software engineering experience relevant to the development and application of digital security technologies, and you will ideally have some prior experience of working in a consulting or commercial environment. Relevant project management or sales and business development experience would be a bonus. 

You will have good team working skills, with energy, flexibility, and a constructive approach to challenges. You will also have a well organised and structured approach to problem solving and security engineering.   

You will have the ability to gain UK security clearance. 

The nature of this role may require regular visits to our Cambridge site, though the frequency will depend on project needs. Therefore, you should ideally reside in (or be willing to relocate to) areas near our offices.

This role is suitable for applicants at varying levels and applicants with more experience may also have the following:

  • Embedded software and/or electronics design experience 
  • Public Key Infrastructure and cryptographic algorithm experience  
  • Some team leading experience 

Future prospects

Cambridge Consultants is committed to developing its employees' careers and has a flexible policy for individual capabilities and preferences. Promotion is linked to merit.

Diversity & Inclusion

Cambridge Consultants is a workplace where everyone is welcome. When the brightest minds come together and feel included, that’s when we develop the most important technology breakthroughs. We believe that diversity can only flourish when everyone feels involved and has a sense of belonging. We welcome and value all people regardless of their characteristics and encourage applications from all backgrounds and dimensions of society.



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