Construct the kind of career that you want

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Develop your career

As a vibrant, expanding company engaged in a huge variety of projects, Cambridge Consultants presents an unparalleled opportunity to take your career in the direction you choose

At Cambridge Consultants, you can choose how you want to develop your career.

We put world-class facilities at your disposal and give you the freedom to choose the projects, sectors and subject areas that most interest and inspire you. Where else could you switch roles and explore so many different disciplines without ever leaving the building?

See our new surgical environment
See our new surgical environment

The variety of work we do is not the only thing in your favour. We’re growing fast, which means that opportunities for career development are everywhere. We take a proactive approach to career advancement, creating new roles all the time and promoting individuals when their achievements and abilities merit it, not because we need to fill a vacancy in a rigid corporate structure.

At every level, from graduate to senior professional, Cambridge Consultants is a place where you can forge a unique and fulfilling career.

Training and mentoring

We invest heavily in training and, as with your career as a whole, where you want to go is up to you. We’ll ask you where you want to get to next then devise training to cover any skills gaps and help you build towards achieving your ambitions.

This level of personal support starts the moment you arrive. Everyone who joins the company is matched with a mentor, someone on the CC staff whose job it is to help you settle in.