A people business built around people

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Culture & values

Our culture is unique. It’s a product of the individuals who make our company tick, drawn together by the desire to do great work and to be around others who feel the same way

Cambridge Consultants is a people business built around people.  From engineers and scientists to designers, business developers, technicians and support staff, our people are the reason why our clients come to us, and we put their welfare and job satisfaction above everything else.

We know what motivates us and it’s no surprise that the same things matter to our kind of people. Things like tackling a continuous supply of varied challenges, working on the leading edge of innovation and delivering world-class products that really make a difference.

Our culture and values
We recognise and celebrate individual talent and we understand the importance of letting individuals be just that. Our people are here to do the best work of their lives and our job is to provide the platform for them to do it. That means letting people pursue the projects that interest them and develop their career in whatever direction they choose.

"Quietly determined to deliver world-class performance"

We’re fiercely competitive, but not with each other. The spectacular achievements of our company as a whole are down to dedicated individuals with very different skills and specialisms working together as one. Mutual respect, absence of ego and a healthy distrust of hierarchy are practically hardwired into our culture.

All of us are here to build a great career, but when it comes to seeking promotion, we don’t play office politics – we let our work do the talking. At Cambridge Consultants, we make sure that achievement is rewarded via a flexible career structure that promotes according to ability, even if it means creating a brand-new role.